Throne & Liberty: Amazon Suggests Free-to-Play Model for Western Release

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May 17, 2023

Throne & Liberty: Amazon Suggests Free-to-Play Model for Western Release

The release of Throne & Liberty, the upcoming MMORPG from NCsoft, has been repeatedly delayed, leaving curious players with ample time to investigate its details. One significant finding has emerged: Amazon, who will publish the game in the West, has listed Throne & Liberty as a free-to-play title on its website.

This potentially pivotal detail was discovered by sharp-eyed Redditors, who noticed the game's inclusion under Amazon's 'coming soon' banner. This listing is particularly intriguing as neither Amazon nor NCsoft have revealed the business model for Throne & Liberty's Western version, with most information coming from Korean testing and investor calls.

For a deeper insight into the game, an in-depth exploration of Throne & Liberty's alpha version can be found here.

Amazon also lists another forthcoming game, Blue Protocol, as free-to-play, but its business model has been known for some time. Whether the listing for Throne & Liberty reflects its actual business model, or is merely a placeholder, remains to be seen. Regardless, this discovery has certainly amplified the anticipation around the game's eventual release.

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