Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Concludes

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April 22, 2024

Throne and Liberty Closed Beta Concludes

Throne and Liberty's Closed Beta Wraps Up

The much-anticipated Closed Beta for Throne and Liberty has come to a close, marking the end of a vital testing phase for this upcoming MMO RPG. The beta, which ran from April 10 to April 17, allowed players to dive into the game across multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Following the beta's conclusion, Amazon Games released a heartfelt statement thanking all participants for their dedication and insights. "As the Closed Beta Test servers close at 1PM PT today (8PM UTC), we want to thank everyone that took the time to participate. We appreciate your support as we continue to work together towards an even more enjoyable release," they shared. The feedback collected during this period is set to play a pivotal role in refining the game, ensuring a top-notch experience awaits players in the fantasy realm of Solisium.

During the beta, players explored different facets of the game like progression systems, leveling experiences, and combat mechanics. This feedback is crucial as it helps the developers fine-tune aspects of the game that are most important to players. To show their gratitude, NCSOFT also released a new song, "Oh Beautiful Star," adding a musical treat to the mix.


With the beta phase concluded, Amazon Games and NCSOFT are now processing the feedback to further enhance Throne and Liberty. Keep your eyes on our news page for further updates as they prepare for the next big steps in the game’s journey.

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