Pearl Abyss Q1 2024 Earnings Highlight DokeV Progress

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May 10, 2024

Pearl Abyss Q1 2024 Earnings Highlight DokeV Progress

During their Q1 2024 earnings call, Pearl Abyss shared updates about the development of DokeV, the highly anticipated creature-collecting game. As Crimson Desert nears completion, resources and focus are shifting towards accelerating the development of DokeV.

Financial Performance and Project Updates

Pearl Abyss reported a robust financial quarter, with a 36% increase in net profit year-over-year. Although the quarter-over-quarter operating revenue grew by a modest 1.2%, the shift in focus towards upcoming projects like DokeV hints at significant future investments.

Development Status of DokeV

Originally revealed a few years ago, DokeV has been a project of interest for both investors and the gaming community. Utilizing the advanced BlackSpace Engine, DokeV is set to offer a unique gaming experience with its vibrant world and innovative creature-collecting mechanics. The recent wrap-up of major development milestones for Crimson Desert has allowed the DokeV team to increase their pace, focusing on bringing this exciting title to gamers sooner.

As noted in the earnings call, no specific timeline for release or new footage was confirmed during the call, indicating that the focus is currently on deep development phases. However, Pearl Abyss reassured that development is "accelerating," which could mean more updates and previews could be expected following the launch of Crimson Desert.

Future Plans and Expectations

With the development of DokeV gaining momentum, Pearl Abyss is optimistic about its potential impact on the gaming market. The company continues to explore new technological advancements and market expansions, potentially increasing the visibility and anticipation for DokeV.


The Q1 2024 earnings call has marked a pivotal moment for Pearl Abyss, with significant developments in both Crimson Desert and DokeV. As resources shift more towards DokeV, we can look forward to more frequent updates and an eventual increase in promotional activities as the game progresses through development.

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