Amazon Delays the Global Launch of Blue Protocol to 2024

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May 23, 2023

Amazon Delays the Global Launch of Blue Protocol to 2024

Global Launch Delayed

In a surprising turn of events, Bandai Namco revealed that the global launch of the much-anticipated MMORPG, Blue Protocol, is delayed until 2024, leaving fans worldwide in a state of disappointment. However, players in Japan have reasons to celebrate, as the game's launch in their home country is set for June 14.

The Initial Plan and the Unexpected Delays

Originally, the global version of Blue Protocol was supposed to see the light of day in the second half of 2023. Bandai Namco had planned a grand launch in association with Amazon Games, and Mike Zadorojny was chosen to lead this venture. However, reality deviated from the plan, as both global and Japanese releases experienced setbacks. The Japanese launch, initially scheduled for early spring, was also pushed back to mid-June.

Promises to Keep: The PC Beta Test

While the news of the delay may be disheartening for many international fans, Bandai Namco offers a glimmer of hope. The studio confirmed that the global PC beta test is still in the pipeline for later this year. This announcement should bring some solace to fans eagerly waiting to experience Blue Protocol.

Throne And Liberty: The Hidden Factor?

The reason behind the delay of Blue Protocol's global launch may not just be due to unforeseen development challenges. In fact, it might be a strategic move from Amazon Games. The end of 2023 is marked by another major release from Amazon, Throne And Liberty, a game that has stirred a considerable buzz in the gaming community. By pushing Blue Protocol's launch to 2024, Amazon could be aiming to prevent a clash between the two high-profile releases, allowing each game to bask in its own spotlight and avoid internal competition.

Could the Delay Be a Blessing in Disguise?

While delays can be frustrating for fans, this could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise for both the games and the players. With a flurry of games set to hit the market in late 2023, staggering the launch of these two anticipated titles could prevent oversaturation and give gamers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in each game. This strategy ensures that both Blue Protocol and Throne And Liberty have the chance to maximize their respective successes. Despite the wait, Blue Protocol continues to be one of the most eagerly awaited MMORPGs, and the anticipation only grows with time.

In conclusion, the delay in Blue Protocol's global launch could be a carefully calculated move rather than a setback. As fans worldwide await further updates, they can look forward to the global PC beta test scheduled for later this year, promising a sneak peek into the much-anticipated gaming universe of Blue Protocol.

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