Throne and Liberty: US Technical Test Begins

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September 21, 2023

Throne and Liberty: US Technical Test Begins

Eager enthusiasts of Throne and Liberty have been granted their much-awaited entry into its universe. Selected participants, chosen from a vast pool of applicants, can now delve into the fantasy MMORPG for a limited time.

In a strategic collaboration, Amazon Game Studios and NCSoft have launched their cross-platform closed technical test, exclusively for US-based testers. This playtest, available on platforms such as PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, will continue until October 3rd. However, fans should note that an encompassing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) surrounds this event. Hence, unauthorized streams or snapshots would be considered a violation of this agreement.

The primary goal of this testing phase is not just to tease the audience. Amazon and NCSoft are keen on obtaining critical data and user feedback. These insights are essential in ensuring that Throne and Liberty is optimized for its much-anticipated western debut next year.

Current Player Counts:

For those keen on tracking the game's popularity, the SteamDB page showcases a remarkable 1k active players, a significant number for a beta iteration.