Throne and Liberty: Amazon Announces Tech Test

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August 29, 2023

Throne and Liberty: Amazon Announces Tech Test

Amazon Games and NCSOFT are gearing up for a closed technical test of their much-anticipated game, Throne and Liberty. Let's take a look at important facts like the test's duration, platforms it's available on, the gameplay features to look forward to, and how you can potentially be part of this exciting phase.

Test Dates and Platforms

The Confidential Technical Test is set to run from September 19 at 2 PM PT to October 3 at 7 PM PT. Players in the United States can participate using PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

How to Sign Up

Keen to be a part of this test? Sign up here for a chance to participate. If selected, you'll receive a welcome email from the Throne and Liberty team with further instructions.

Key Features

The technical test offers a wide array of experiences:

  • Explore a multi-layered, vertical world
  • Fight large-scale bosses
  • Take part in field events
  • Journey into massive dungeons
  • Compete in guild wars for territory and loot
  • Engage in castle sieges

Language Options

The test will be available in English and Korean onscreen text, along with Korean-only voiceover.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

It's crucial to note that the test falls under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Participants are prohibited from sharing, recording, or broadcasting any content or gameplay from the test.

Progress and Future Plans

Don't expect any progress made during this period to carry over to the live game—it won't. However, additional testing opportunities will be available closer to the game's full launch. Stay tuned on the game’s official channels for more updates.

Final Takeaways

With the collaborative power of Amazon Games and NCSOFT, Throne and Liberty aims to offer an expansive, rich gaming experience. Whether you're an avid guild warrior or a solo dungeon crawler, this test seems like a can't-miss opportunity to shape the game's future. Keep an eye on your email for an invitation to this vital phase of the game's development.