Blue Protocol Dev Stream 11 Summary

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September 20, 2023

Blue Protocol Dev Stream 11 Summary

Addressing Player Feedback

The latest Blue Protocol stream began with the developers addressing concerns raised by the fan base, likely in response to the negative feedback from the previous month. One prominent complaint has been the game's user interface (UI). This feedback stems from a dated design approach where Blue Protocol consolidates everything into a full-screen menu, making some UI elements cumbersome. While major design adjustments will take time, the developers are working on various improvements, starting with a more efficient interface for adding plugs to weapons.

Balancing Game Difficulty

The stream also touched on the addition of more challenging content. While high difficulty can offer a sense of progression for players, there are concerns. Blue Protocol caters predominantly to casual gamers, and there's a risk that making such content mandatory could alienate parts of its player base. Before introducing such challenging content, developers might consider prioritizing interactive features like player housing.

Enhancing the Dev Streams

In response to the criticism from the last month's Dev stream, the developers plan to improve their broadcasts. The focus will shift to providing more videos, showcasing new game features, and dividing responsibilities between gameplay and commentary during live sessions.

Gameplay Enhancements

Several game mechanics are in line for an upgrade:

  • Skill Equip System: A new palette system will enable players to switch between two sets of four skills, effectively allowing eight skills at once. However, the utility of this system and its implementation remain to be seen.
  • Class Changes: Developers are contemplating quality-of-life changes where players can switch classes outside of towns, which currently isn’t possible.
  • Mission Start System: Feedback indicates players want to commence missions even if the full team isn't present. While the developers are considering this, a more holistic solution to the matchmaking problem might be necessary.



Monetization and the Gasha Pity System

The gasha pity system, where players can earn a random S-rank item after 110 rolls, will undergo changes. Soon, players will be able to choose their S-rank item, and more opportunities to earn gasha tickets for free will be introduced. Still, concerns linger over the game's overarching monetization strategy.

A Glimpse into the Future

The second half of the stream gave insights into the game’s roadmap:

  • October: Introduction of the fourth story chapter and a raised level cap.
  • November: Launch of the new skill palette system.
  • December: Introduction of a gear "limit break" system and a defense battle mode for 18 players.

Additionally, players can expect a special Halloween event featuring in-game content, including outfits and a unique broom mount.

Halloween Special in Blue Protocol

Starting on September 20th, a festive Halloween event will take center stage in Blue Protocol. Players can expect:

  • Halloween Gasha: The event introduces a special Halloween gasha that will feature a range of new outfits for players to acquire. One standout addition is the broom mount that not only serves a functional purpose but also embodies the Halloween spirit.
  • Rewards and Gestures: Engaging with the gasha a set number of times will unlock unique gestures for players, allowing them to express themselves in newer, spookier ways within the game.
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Blue Protocol at Tokyo Game Show

Fans can anticipate Blue Protocol's presence at the Tokyo Game Show. Highlights include a photo corner, real-life gasha with pin badges, and developer live streams.


This broadcast marked significant progress from the previous one. The developers' openness to feedback and focus on improvements are commendable. Although not all concerns were addressed, the direction seems promising. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the broader player experience.